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Credits to Haganai for our great banner


We're an easy-going casual guild who plays Eden Eternal for our adventures and enjoyment, we got no level, fame contributions or donation requirements from our members and thus everyone's welcome to join us. We do however require fame if you're looking to rank up. We offer our guild members the opportunity to progress throughout the game and guild events from time to time for a fun and friendly environment :D

Guild Information

  • Name: Myrmidons
  • Level: Level 8
  • Leader: Reminy and AssassinFang
  • Type: Easy-going, Casual, Social, Family, Assist, Open
  • Primary Channel: Channel 3
  • Primary Language: English

Guild Structure

Ranks and Promotions

Guild members are ranked and promoted mainly based on their guild fame contribution, see our Guild Ranks for more information.

Extra Features

Guild Town

  • Type: Mountain
  • Buuldings: Mine, Farm, Altar, Market, Hotel


Yes, new members are always welcome, read our Guild Recruitment page for more information about how to join us :D
  • Open Recruitment Status: Closed (we get too many inactive members through this system, but we're still open for recruitment and new members are always welcome to join us)


Date Founded

Guild History


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